Classroom exercises for intro to statistics

14 Jun 2015


I am going to be posting a series of active-learning exercises that I’m developing and using to teach an introductory statistics course.


This summer I am teaching an introduction to statistics course for engineers, which is my first experience leading a class on my own (I’ve TA’d and tutored in the past). Lecture notes were worked up by Nick Keuler over few years of teaching this and similar statistics courses.

The class

STAT 324 is a requirement for several engineering programs at the University of Wisconsin. I’m teaching an accelerated version during our eight-week summer session, which has four (75-minute) lectures and two discussion sections per week. Enrollment is 24 (it is summer session, after all).


I’m adding small group exercises, aiming to come up with one for each class session. These are to be done in-class in groups of four in 15-20 minutes, with time for discussion afterward. Active participation is required - students get a participation point for working with their team on each exercise, and those points make up 20% of their grade.

I’ll be posting each one to the blog after I give it to the students. Check back throughout the next two months!

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